MDR Email template

Subject: MiSecure MDR needs

MiSecure is a K12 project which provides a Security Operations Center (SOC) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) software for all ISD, LEA & PSA servers in the State of Michigan. The MiSecure team was formed in October 2023 and immediately began researching and developing resources to address the MDR portion of the project. After a thorough evaluation, Crowdstrike Falcon Complete has been selected as the supported Michigan K12 MDR solution. ISDs were then asked to report the number of new server licenses they are expecting to utilize from the grant. In order to obtain this number, we are working with each of you to include your local needs (if any) in our totals. We will then report this total number of new MDR licenses they should purchase on our behalf, for our servers.

MiSecure has asked for responses to be received by April 19th, so your timely response is appreciated.

We’re sure you may have more information about the MDR project or the MiSecure project in general. Please visit the website for that information:

Please use [INSERT LINK TO TOOL] to gather the information ASAP