MDR Project Participation

ISD Participation Survey

This page allows ISDs to submit their intention to join the MiSecure MDR Project. Use the link below to begin the survey. Before you begin, you will need to collect the number of servers that will be participating in the MDR project and/or the number credits you will be requesting. This data will need to be inclusive of all LEAs and PSAs that are planning to participate.

Every ISD should respond to the survey one time only. If you later need to change your response, you should reach out to [email protected] before doing so.

Still have questions? The most common questions are addressed below.

LEA/PSA data collection resources

The resources below include a link to make a copy of a Google Form that you can use to collect the license counts from your LEAs and/or PSAs. Or if you prefer, a link to make a copy of the backend spreadsheet you can use directly. And finally a link to a page with information specific for LEAs/PSAs participating in the project. Many ISDs will be able to collect the necessary information to complete the survey without using these resources. They are not required and only provided to help ease the process of information gathering for ISDs. LEAs and PSAs should not respond directly to the ISD survey and it should not be shared with them. The ISD will need to include the results of any local survey you conduct into your ISD survey.

Note that the survey form below needs to be customized for your district. Specifically, the (1) Name of the form (2) the Title of the form and (3) the list of districts in the first question. Feel free to make any other changes since you’ll be making a copy for your own use.

Note that these are Google documents and you will need to be logged into Google account

Most Common Questions

Q: I have a unique situation, can we talk?

We recognize that every situation will be unique; however it is important that every ISD uses the link available on the website to provide initial feedback on participation.  This doesn’t have to be a perfect number but it will provide MiSecure with an initial number of licenses to purchase.  ISDs are encouraged to work with their local districts and PSAs to include every server within their ISD in the count. ISDs can add additional licenses in the future or turn in unused licenses back to MiSecure.

Q: We are a consortium of ISDs, how should we respond?

You should respond for each ISD in the consortium. If a server is providing service for more than one ISD in the consortium, you should include it only once (just pick an ISD to apply it to). MiSecure will watch for these responses and the best way for us to spot them is to have the same person respond for each ISD – we’ll watch for your name. We’ll then reach out to you to determine the best solution for your situation. Feel free to initiate that communication with the MiSecure team as well.

Q: What products qualify for a credit?

  • CrowdStrike Falcon Complete
  • CrowdStrike (MS-ISAC’s CIS-ESS implementation)
  • SentinelOne Vigilance MDR
  • SentinelOne with MDR Management (e.g. Arctic Wolf)
  • CrowdStrike with MDR Management (e.g. Arctic Wolf)
  • Other products will be considered and there is an option to respond

Q: What’s included in Crowdstrike Falcon Complete?

Crowdstrike Falcon Complete is a package of several components, most notably: Insight (EDR), Prevent (NGAV), Discover (IT Hygiene), Overwatch (24×7 Threat Hunting), Spotlight (vulnerability monitoring) and the Falcon Complete Team (24×7 responders). We have put together a page with Information on each of these modules.

Q: What is a CID (Customer ID)?

A CID is the term Crowdstrike uses to refer to a “managed organization” This organization will be on-boarded and supported 24x7x365 by a dedicated Crowdstrike team. The on-boarding process will address such things as thresholds, responses, contacts and escalation procedures. These CID settings will apply to all ISDs, LEAS and PSAs in the organization. MiSecure will supply each ISD with a single CID. MiSecure will hold a Parent CID which supports all ISD CIDs. Entities within a single ISD CID may have visibility into other entities and ISDs need to consider this when providing access to LEA/PSA staff. LEAs or PSAs that would like their own CID may purchase through the MiSecure project, leveraging the statewide pricing (estimated cost is $5,000/CID). Those LEAs should reach out to MiSecure to make arrangements.

Q: What if I can’t get responses from all of my LEAs or PSAs?

First, thanks for trying! But we do understand that there are many reasons that a LEA or PSA may not respond. There is a place in the survey to note which organizations did not respond to your request. We will also reach out to them to include them in the project. It will not exclude them from future participation, but could interfere with our attempts to achieve the best pricing.

Q: Is there a hard timeline? That is, if I don’t respond, can I still participate later?

There is no deadline to participate. ISDs, LEAs or PSAs may join or add licenses anytime. However, we are asking each ISD to respond ASAP so that we may get the most accurate count of initial licenses to purchase.

Q: I have a LEA that we support, but it belongs to another ISD, should we include them in the count?

Yes, but make every effort to ensure that they are not also being counted in their original ISD.

Q: I have a question that isn’t addressed here

A complete FAQ is available through out MiSecure Operations Center page. If you still can’t find your answer there, please email [email protected]